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fiber laser cutting machine india
HSG 3015C

Machine body with 20 years service life

First the metal body on this cutter undergoes a 600°C heat treatment and it cools down inside the furnace for 24 hours. When this is complete, it is then processed using a plano-milling machine and welded using a carbon dioxide welder. This ensures that it has high strength and a service life of 20 years.

Because machine beds   manufactured by very good technology and its testing has also been done in a better way.

Alpha Wittenstien rack & pinion system and gearbox

It has speed reducers and rack & pinion its taken from Wittenstien Alpha, Germany and anyway HSG  has used the best quality system in it.

Sanyo Denki Servo motors

The quality of this  motor is very good because Sanyo Denki it is considered the best motor of the sanmotors class in japan which gives customers a better rotation and stability.

HSG auto-focus cutting head

Engineers of the HSG team have developed the cutting head and uses optics from  Ophir Photonics.


fiber laser cutting machine india
fiber laser cutting machine india
fiber laser cutting machine india

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