High-quality Carbon Steel Welding Machine Bed

Machine bed is welded by high-quality carbon structural steel against 500Mpa tensile force; Relieve welding stress by high annealing and natural aging, anti-deformation and more durable.

High Precision, High Speed

Intelligent Dual Drive, Fast Cutting

Directed by gantry-type double servo motors, work in contemporary manner, providing  the high speed and high accuracy of cutting, as well as machine is highly stable while  these parts are working.

Imported Transmission Parts, Accuracy Guaranteed

All Core transmission parts of machine bed are imported from German Alpha. Our machine has the top configuration among all same grade models. By Choosing high-end Alpha brand can assure the high-speed cutting accuracy of the equipment for a longer period.

Integrated Gas Circuit, Flexible Gas Selection

Equipped with advanced integrated-type gas circuit control system and complete set of imported pneumatic components, meanwhile, different auxiliary gases available, change gases flexibly, high efficient and time-saving.

Simple Operation, User-friendly

Intelligent Visible Control System

Adjust laser power, gas type and pressure in visible way; intelligent edge seeking, auto positioning; Import files of different formats, intelligent typesetting, automatic sequencing, process graph display, easy operation.

Autofocus Cutting Head

Autofocus cutting head adopted can fix its focal point automatically according to the thickness of material and applied to multiple focal lengths. It also Shortens the punching duration which improves punching quality and saves time by high-speed cutting.

Intelligent Remote Control

The setting of key is simple and easy, has one wireless button control consisted of calibration, blowing, simulation, cutting, pause, etc; Magnetic design, take and put at any time, easy operation.

HSG Laser Design --- Product Video

Advanced Appearance Design

In strict accordance with European design standards, HSG Laser uses humanized control console, smooth-lined suspension lamp and seamless stainless steel edging, in pursuit for detail perfection. This is HSG’s quality commitment.

Innovative Integrated-type Cabinet

Standardized wiring, clean and tidy, easy to work and more safer; Designed as high-standard sealing to prevent dust from entering in and components from being ignited.

Open-ended Structure

Machine cutting process is totally visible. Easy to load and unload from front, left and right side.

Active Protection System

Anti-collision Protection

Equipped with auto-tracking components. The cutting head always keeps a safety distance from cutting surface, and has the special touch stop function which helps to reduce the risk of collision and accident rate.

Intelligent Stroke Protection

Auto monitoring of beam and cutting parts travelling range. The system can feed abnormalities back and can give faster instructions to stop the machine quickly for protecting the equipment.

Intelligent System Alarm

It notifies by an alarm if any abnormality occurs, conduct self-inspection. Main interface can display abnormal alarm, reducing hidden damages and improves equipment troubleshooting efficiency.

Technical Parameter

*The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!

Cutting Samples

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