Alpha T Bus System

Alpha T system which is self-developed by HSG Laser can transmit data only through a network cable. It can scan and cut thicker sheets at very high speed, realize flying cutting micro-connection, active collision or damage protection and integrated building. Its cutting precision is 0.1mm at the speed of 30m/min.

P20 Intelligent Cutting Head

P20 has broken through a identified technical bottleneck which means all marketable cutting heads can’t keep measure with 20kW power, to improve ability to cut more thicker metal sheets at a faster speed and in more stable manner. With water air cooling function, P20 cools itself down in a very slight manner and also detects lens pollution and monitor protective lens. Moreover, it gives immediate warning automatically to provide you fast and long durable experience.

Positive-pressure Protection, Butterfly Valve Control, Hurricane-force Ventilation

The area for ventilation is divided into left and right zone which is equipped with butterfly valve damper. And thus has steady, strong and intensive suction. It doesn’t make noise while opening and closing . Due to 300*300mm large-caliber pipeline on both sides of machine bed, cutting smoke will be released smoothly. Every time machine bed is full of positive pressure . In combination with strong ventilation system below, smoke dust will disappear quickly to provide you clean working environment.

Patented Cornerstone Machine Bed

Cornerstone machine bed is rigid, steady and highly precise without vibration while cutting at a high speed. Its heat accumulation-dispersion technology gives fast heating dissipation and reduces the heating area of square tube, so, no damage will occur after long-term service. Military-level manganese anti-burning plate covers the whole cutting area to protect steel plate amid machine bed. By applying this strategy machine bed will provide you a longer durability mechanisim.

Dual-motor Driven Exchange Platforms

The platforms are directed by dual motors that work independently and will be interlocked to provide you with safer operation. In addition, it becomes easy to remove slags With taper pins. The platforms are arranged accurately without any error and will work stably at high speed because of hexagonal tracks.

High-quality Protective Measures, User-friendly

1.CE-compliant Protection:
GH V series is fully protective without any light leakage. OD6 laser protection glass is installed in the front observation window. Between the exchanged platforms there is safety door.
2.Front-placed Integrated Electric Cabinet :
It becomes easy to carry out wiring and preserving the cutting machine. The cabinet is free from installation site to protect itself from collision or damage while loading and unloading, and prevent slags from entering.
3.Electric Control Console:
The whole machine is completely under video monitoring. Its electric console height will be changed automatically according to the height of users.

Technical Parameter

*The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!

Cutting Samples

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