Supreme technologies present  high quality NC hydraulic press brake machine. We are the leading  exporter and  nc hydraulic press brake machine supplier in India . This press brake machine is known as their good performance and good stability, longer service life, low maintenance and robust construction.  Hydraulic press break machines are suitable for convert the shape of work piece and provide better finishing of the work piece. The Genius series of this machine provides sensitivity, high strength, productivity, and safety while lowering your production cost and improving your bottom line.


This machine has been manufactured in such a way that the advanced safety features that are installed in it make the machine absolutely safe and more durable. It means there is no chance of any accident.


Easy To Operate

This machine can be operated easily with a little knowledge. And the best advantage is that the operator can do any other work at one time, it has excellent features that make this machine friendly.

Morden Design with unique features

It is designed in such a way that the operator gets great help to make his work easier. Earlier, in the sequence of old machines, the focus was on the many factors from the point of view, such as the length of the flange, how much the pearl should be, the degree of surface bend of the material was worked out keeping in mind all these but But now after inputting all the sequences in the machine, the machine runs according to that input sequence. The part to be  manufactured can also be seen in the 2D or 3D finished version. In addition, after the first part is programmed on the machine or via an offline PC, a less efficient operator can also easily produce the later parts.

Simple Functions

Hydraulic Press Brake Machine is fully computerized machine. It means, it is a computer controlled machine where all necessary parts can be easily programmed and rapidly manufactured by semi-skilled operators. The machine program and functions  is not to difficult you can learn and practically implemented in the workshop.

Multitasking Machine

This machine has many great features  and provide a well performance. The NC press brake machine is a Multitasking machine The NC press brake is a multi-tasking machine that allows an operator to test the first part and also work on programs related to the second part; While the second operator can work on programming other parts simultaneously.

Cost Saving Machine

 It includes good quality parts and components, minimizes wastage and has higher traceability and repeatability. and These all tool which has include that helps save costs in terms of about 40 percent machine setup; Content management around 30 percent; about 40 percent inspection; Process work around 30 percent; And the parts are about 50 percent of the time.

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